Gymkhana games are the very foundation of young peoples riding training, and have always been included in this show. They are great fun both for riders and spectators, the ponies too are in their element.
Although well supported in the earlier years, their popularity has waned somewhat. Nevertheless we are again holding this class and would hope for an enthusiastic support.
A short explanation of each game is listed here.

Sadly we have little support for them in the last couple of years, should you wish to have them back at the show in the future please let us know!

Lead Rein Games

Bending race  The leader guides the pony and rider through the lane of poles, alternately passing left then right, a complete turn is made round the last pole to return to the line in the same way. A fast game and exciting to watch.

Ball & Bucket Pony and rider are led to the far end of the lane where the leader will pick up a tennis ball from behind the last pole, hands it to the rider, who then puts it in the bucket in the centre of the lane, great care must be exercised not to throw the ball in too hard, as it may bounce out again. If the ball misses the bucket the leader will retrieve it and hand it back to the rider to try again.

Mug race  This is a game requiring accuracy by the rider, as two mugs are taken from the far end poles, then placed on the nearest two poles. Much skill is required by the leader to match the speed of the pony to the riders ability.

Ring the Pole  A fast game, leader permitting! In which 2 wooden discs are taken, one at a time, from the far end of the lane, then placed on the centre pole where they will slide to the bottom.

Ride & Rub  Pony and rider are led to the far end of the course, where the rider dismounts, or may be helped off, then runs back to the line, leaving the leader to bring the pony back at a more leisurely pace.

Open Games

Tyre race  Rider and pony ride up to the far end of the course, go round the end pole, then on the way back dismount and go through a tyre placed on the centre line, remount and go for the line.

Mug race  As in the lead rein games, mugs are transferred one by one from poles at the far end to the poles at the start end.

Flag race  There will be two flags in a cone at the far end of the course. The rider takes one flag at a time, then puts them into the cone on the centre line. The rider, after placing the first flag in centre cone, goes straight back for the second one ie he does not need to return to the start line.

Bottle & Cone  Riders proceed to the far end of the course, bend down and collect a plastic bottle from a cone, then ride back down the course and replace it into a cone on the centre line.  He then goes for the finish.

Walk, Trot, Canter & Run  Riders must walk their ponies to the far end, round the post, then trot back to the first post, canter back up to the top, dismount, take the reins under the head and lead the pony back  to the line. Anyone who exceeds the pace must turn a circle, under penalty of elimination.

There will be a consolation trotting race for anyone not having won a rosette!


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